Oasis #262     Est. 2006

Official Laurel and Hardy Tent at the Cheshire Ring, 72 Manchester Road, Hyde, Cheshire, SK14 2BJ.


Brats at 30
We had an away match on Thursday October 25th when we travelled over Them Thar Hills to Brats tent in Sheffield to join in the 30th University celebrations!!! More...

When George
met The Boys

A top night out at The Railway in Handforth, Scotland, watching George Formby and the Boys for a classic night of singing, dancing and laughter!! More...



This month's films

One Good Turn

Black Knight and The Boys

A Tale of two Tents!

Perfect Sandwiches!

Stanley Was There!

Big Charity 10k!

Charity Sailors

Finley is Fighting Fit!

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...and what will you have Stanley?
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